Setting the standard by building to a higher standard.

We believe that energy efficiency and total comfort is a priority in any new home. We make it easy for you to experience both on every level by building sustainable, high quality homes.

Inclusions listed below are reflective of Sterling Homes built with 2021 Standard Specifications. 


Lifestyle & Convenience

Peace of mind in every home with modern building techniques and smart features with daily living in mind.


Experience peace of mind in a smartly designed home. Modern building techniques and smart features lend to overall convenience, creating a home that offers security and flexibility.

  • Foundation Membrane Wrap
  • T-10 Wifi Thermostat
  • Insulated Garage Door
  • Weiser Smart Key
  • Engineered Floor Joists and Systems


Keeping your family and the environment as a top priority in every new home build.


Water conservation that is designed to benefit both your family and the environment. Limit the effects of pollution and increase your cost savings with decreased water consumption.

  • 1.6 Low Flush & Low Water Consumption Toilet
  • Low Flow Moen Taps
  • Drain Water Recovery System

Indoor Air Quality

Increasing indoor air quality with a well-sealed building envelope and high quality materials.


Increased air tightness assists in keeping unwanted air out, reducing pollutants, allergens, and bacteria from entering your home. A tightly sealed home allows fresh air in while diminishing drafts.

  • Merv 13 F200 HVAC Filter
  • Low VOC Paint
  • Heat Recovery Ventilator

Energy Efficiency

Reducing your home’s carbon footprint and increasing your family’s comfort while saving energy.


An energy efficient home means lower energy consumption, higher air quality and an increase to your property value. Enjoy a high performance home with reduced consumption.

  • LED Lighting
  • Triple Pane Low-e Argon Windows
  • R24 Basement Wall Insulation
  • 15% More Energy Efficient than the National Reference House
  • 95% Energy Efficient Furnace with ECM Motor

Energy Efficiency

Homes expertly designed to be energy efficient and reduce our carbon footprint. Every home is tested by a third party to ensure air tightness and our homes are certified 15% or more energy efficient than the national reference house. Each home will receive the EnerGuide label to prove it.

or More Efficient
than the national reference house.

See the benefits for yourself

What some consider optional, we consider essential for building the best quality home. Building better homes is the Sterling standard commitment. Enjoy reduced energy expenses and incredible value for your investment, all within an energy efficient, comfortable home.

Total Comfort inclusions listed are reflective of homes built with 2021 Sterling standard specifications. 

icon-lifestyleLifestyle & Convenience
icon-airIndoor Air Quality
icon-energyEnergy Efficiency
LED Lighting
Triple pane low e windows
R24 insulation
Merv 13 F200
Foundation membrane wrap
Low VOC Paint
T-10 Wifi Thermostat
15% of more energy efficient than national reference
1.6 Low flush toilets
Low flow Moen taps
Drain water recovery
Insulated Garage Door
Weiser Smart Key
Engineered floor joists and systems
95% efficient furnace with ecm

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