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Before moving into a new home, it’s fun to imagine how you’ll decorate each room. Naturally, you want to make the décor of each room unique and appealing. You can also take steps to make sure the décor of your home flows together. Look at some creative ideas.


Choose Your Artwork Wisely

The artwork you choose for every room in your home can help your home’s décor flow together. You’re probably partial to a certain type of artwork, so you may want to follow that theme. 

If you like watercolour paintings, you can put one in every room. A child’s room with a nautical theme may have a watercolour print of a sailboat coasting in a bay. Alternatively, the master bedroom may have a watercolour print of a garden with colours matching others throughout the space. 

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Establish a Colour Theme

You can easily tie your home’s décor together with the help of colour. The colour you choose for your theme can show up in any way throughout the rooms in your home. You can get creative by using different shades of the same colour when you pick paint for your home.

Perhaps you love the colour blue. If so, you may paint the walls of your great room a very light blue. For the guest room, you may want to invest in a navy-blue comforter and pillow shams. The master bedroom may follow the colour theme with a royal blue area rug on the floor beneath a table.

Echo a Shape in Your Rooms

Shapes can also help the flow of your home’s décor. A fun idea is to choose one shape and echo it in every room. Seeing this shape in every room creates balance in the décor.

If you love seeing ovals in a room, get an oval coffee table for your great room. Next, select an oval mirror with a gilt frame to hang in the foyer. 

Other items you can find in an oval shape include:

  • Picture frames
  • Area rugs
  • Ottomans
  • Bar stools

Incorporate Personality into the Décor

Think of what makes you “you” – maybe you’re into music, dogs, poetry, or surfing. You can use your love of an animal, book character, or whatever it is that moves you as a way to bring harmony to the décor of your home.

As an example, if you love horses, you may put a framed pencil drawing of a horse in your master bedroom. In your tween’s room, you could put up wallpaper featuring wild horses running across a prairie. In the kitchen, you may want to mix in pot holders and dish towels embroidered with the image of a thoroughbred horse. 

Choose Your Favorite Furniture Style

There are so many styles of furniture including modern, rustic, retro, vintage, art deco, contemporary, and more. If you’re partial to a modern furniture style, put a modern piece of furniture in every room of your home. Put a modern desk in your home office, a modern lamp in the guest room, and a modern coffee table in the great room. Each piece should adhere to your furniture style preference.

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Reuse Patterns in the Décor

You can use a pattern or patterns to draw together the décor of your home. These patterns can be on any item of décor, the walls or even the floor.

If you like the diamond pattern, get some throw pillows featuring this pattern and put them on the sofa in your great room. Choose a wallpaper border with a diamond design for the bathroom and a comforter with the same design in your bedroom. Feel free to use diamonds in different colours and sizes. Select diamond patterns arranged in different ways to contribute more interest in each room.


Use Similar Accessories in Your Rooms

Accessories of all kinds can be used to make the décor flow throughout your home. If you like houseplants, you may want to include one in every room. A Boston fern as a foyer accessory would be a welcoming sight to visitors. A spider plant in the bathroom and an African violet as accessories for the great room would be living, changing accessories. 

If you like silk flowers, you may want to add a vase of them to every room. Purple orchids would be a stylish touch to a teenage girl’s room with a purple colour theme. A tall vase of white dogwood would be a pleasant sight on the table in a dining room design. Silk flowers are great accessories because all they need is a little dusting every once in a while!

Put Up Window Coverings from a Favourite Designer

Since there will be windows throughout your home, think of what’s covering your windows. If you have a favorite designer who creates curtains or other window treatments, you can use the designer’s work in every room. For instance, a designer may have a tremendous collection of curtains. You can choose a set of the designer’s lace curtains for the nursery, a set of linen curtains for your home office, and a set of cotton curtains for the master bedroom.

When you incorporate a specific theme, colour, pattern, or piece of furniture into every room in your home, your careful planning is going to make your home more inviting and comfortable.

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