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There’s nothing quite like having a fireplace in your home to give that extra cozy and upscale vibe, and they are a feature that can be enjoyed no matter the season. While their main purpose when it comes to functionality is to provide that extra bit of heat throughout the colder months, they’re also perfect for those gloomy summer days to grab your favourite book and sit in front of the fire. They are also multi-functional depending on the unit you choose, and always aesthetically pleasing. Let’s get into the details of what Sterling Homes has to offer you when it comes to our fireplaces.

Here at Sterling Homes, your house will come with a standard fireplace already included in the base price of your home. This is a gas fireplace that is finished with an oak mantle and a ceramic tile face, as well as oak pilasters on either side. The mantle is perfect for putting up some of your favourite décor, and a multi-jack and electrical outlet are provided above, making it the perfect place to mount your TV.

If you’re looking for something a bit different, you can choose to upgrade to one of our many fireplace options, or a fireplace and entertainment unit all in one. We have over 15 units to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that you love and is able to be accommodated in your home plans.

If you decide to upgrade from the standard fireplace, it will either be a gas fireplace or an electric fireplace depending on the unit you choose. Be sure to talk to your New Home Sales Consultant if you have a preference between gas and electric and they will be able to show you what your options are for both. If you’re not sure which you would like to go with, we’re here to help! There are benefits to both gas and electric fireplaces.

The Difference Between Gas and Electric Fireplaces

While both gas and electric fireplaces will produce heat and give nearly the same appeal when it comes to appearances, there are a few differences between the two that may have you leaning towards one over the other.

Gas Fireplaces

Gas fireplaces will produce a real flame and generally heat a larger area in comparison to electric, which is great if you have a big, open space and would like your fireplace to heat it. This could potentially reduce the amount you’ll need to run your furnace, especially when we’re experiencing a few cooler days during the summer months.

Electric Fireplaces

While electric fireplaces still produce heat, they won’t be able to heat the same amount of space in comparison to gas as they do not produce a real flame. Electric fireplaces are a good option when you’re looking to heat one room in your home, and would prefer to have a fake flame over a real flame.

Electric fireplaces are also beneficial if you have small children or pets in the home, as the heat will come from a vent included in the unit and won’t increase the temperature of the glass. The glass fronts on gas fireplaces can get warm if they’re left on for a while, so it’s always best to be careful to keep children or pets away from it while it’s running.

Finally, if you just love the look of a fire but don’t need to heat the room, electric fireplaces can be switched on without turning on the heating portion of the fireplace, giving you a visually appealing look without generating any heat.

There really isn’t one aspect that determines whether gas or electric is a better option, and will mainly come down to what’s important to you.

Sterling’s Fireplace and Entertainment Units

As mentioned earlier, we have over 15 units that are available for you to choose from, depending on your plan. While we won’t take you through every unit we have, we’ll give you a couple of different options to consider here:

Fireplace & Entertainment Unit 15 B

This fireplace and entertainment unit has been very popular for the past few years, and for good reason! If you choose to include this unit in your home, there is some flexibility when it comes to optional additions to make this the perfect fit for your style.

This unit is completed with a unique oak mantle that spans from the wall across the front of your unit.

The fireplace insert sits just below the mantle and is a gas insert, and two electrical outlets are provided one above the mantle that is perfect for a mounted television, and one beside the unit.

We’ll have you confirm the locations on your final drawings, and if you’d like to move them within the space we’ll do our best to accommodate.

The front of the unit is completed with a beautiful cultured stone surround, and you can choose to add floating shelves on the wall beside the fireplace, add pot lights above or upgrade to maple cladding for the mantle and shelves.

This is truly a beautiful unit whether you remain with the standard options included or do some of your own upgrades!

Please be aware that this unit requires a 12’ x 2‘ space in your home.

Fireplace and Entertainment Unit #19 E

Fireplace and entertainment unit #19 E is also a stunning option if you’d like something a little bit different, and it’s one of our units with an electric fireplace insert!

This unit is unique because the fireplace insert is actually raised from the floor to be almost centred between the floor and ceiling, but off to the side so you’ll have enough space to mount your television next to it.

This unit will require a 12’ x 2’ deep cantilever, so it will be recessed from the room yet will stand out as a beautiful feature in the space.

A drywall bulkhead is provided, and you can choose to upgrade to oak or maple cladding for the bulkhead, and a cultured stone or ceramic tile surround if you’d like that extra touch of upscale appeal. Two electrical outlets are provided here as well, and we’ll have you confirm the locations at the time of your final drawings to ensure they’re where you’d like them.

This unit is also great to add your own furniture below such as a console unit, or you can choose to include entertainment furniture in your build that we will provide.

Having a fireplace is a very sought-after attribute in today’s homes, and as mentioned earlier, when you build with Sterling you’ll already have a fireplace unit included as a standard feature. It is your decision if you’d like to upgrade to a different unit, and if you would like to, we have a variety of units available to pick from. Be sure to talk to your New Home Sales Consultant about which unit you would like and we’ll work with you to accommodate it in your new home.

*Please note not all units have been included in this post

*Please note not all units can be accommodated in every new home plan