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In a nutshell, home elevations are drawings of what the exterior of a home will look like. They give you a sense of a new home’s curb appeal and help you decide if you like the look of the home overall.

Of course, there are often many variations to home elevations. Two homes may have almost identical floor plans on the interior while looking completely different from the outside. You’ll also get to make choices about exterior design when you build a new home and see elevations of each side before you finalize your purchase.

So, if you’re thinking of building a new home, here are some of the things you’ll want to pay attention to when it comes to the elevation. 

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Building Materials

The elevations will show you what building materials are used on the exterior of the home. For instance, you’ll most likely see things like shingle roofs and vinyl siding. Often, there’s at least a portion of the home that has brick or stone detail. The Redwood C model, for instance, has the classic look of horizontal vinyl panels. It has a textured look all over the home. The Hamilton A model, on the other hand, has a smooth exterior over most of the home, with decorative stone pillars on the porch and around the garage.

The modern appeal of the Westminster B also takes a unique approach in materials. This home’s sleek, geometric panelling is sure to turn heads. 

You should also see how the colours you’ve chosen for the exterior go together.

Window Placement and Size

Floor plans often give you an idea of where the windows are in each room, but they don’t really show how large they will be. You’ll get a better sense of this by looking at the elevations. The Bonneville floor plans have a bedroom and full bathroom set at the front of the home. However, the window arrangement varies based on the elevation. For example: 

In the Bonneville A, you get one large window in the bedroom with a smaller window next to it, and there’s also a smaller window in the bathroom over the tub. 

In the Bonneville B, there’s only a single large window in the bedroom. The bedroom will thus include a lot of wall space, and there will be no window in the bathroom. You can choose which style you prefer.

Exterior Lighting

Modern homes often include exterior lighting that creates a welcoming ambience for the home. You’ll be able to see the light placement in your elevations. In most designs, you’ll find some lighting over the garage. Some elevations, like the Hampshire B, include exterior lighting around the rest of the home while others, like the Medina A, have garage and porch lights only. 


The entryway to your home sets the tone, so you want to get it right. Some elevations will show a home with a covered entryway, while others feature a larger covered porch. What style is going to work best for your needs? The Medina A has a simple entryway up a short set of stairs. There’s a nice, clean line to this style, but it doesn’t offer as much protection from the elements.

The Castillo and Brookview models, though, have a slightly larger entryway that’s covered. It’s a smart style for anyone who might worry about guests piling up at the door. Finally, models like the Granville B and the Hamilton have larger porches at the entryway. You could place a few chairs out here, then relax in the evenings with a nice, cold drink.

Elevations will also show the style of door your home will have. Today, a lot of homeowners choose windowed doors for the front door. Homes like the Hampshire A even have windows on either side and above of the main door. In many homes, the window in the front door is quite plain, but others, like the door shown in the Granville, have a more decorative look.

What Are Home Elevations? Sepino C Image

Another entryway to consider is your garage. While many two-storey models include a large garage and garage door at the front, if you prefer, you can opt for two garage doors instead of one such as offered by the Sepino C model (as pictured on left). For families with more than one vehicle, this makes parking easy and gives the home a unique, modern appeal. 

Why You Should Care About the Elevations

Home elevations give you a fuller picture of the home you’re about to purchase. They help uncover little details you might not have noticed from looking at floor plans and showhomes alone. These are things you want to take note of before you finalize the home. You wouldn’t want to realize there’s something you don’t like about the design only after the home’s been built. It’s too difficult and costly to make changes at that point. 

A good builder will be able to show you the home elevations for each home that interests you. Take time to look at elevations from all four sides of the home, and you’ll have a strong sense of what your brand new dream home will look like!

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