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If you’ve never bought a brand-new home, it can feel like an incredibly complicated and confusing process. It takes around 10 months for your new home to be built, and fortunately, we are here to walk you through each and every step of the way.

However, we also understand that most people want to get a good sense of what the process will look like before embarking on the journey. We break it down for you here.

The Research Phase

This is the fun part of shopping for a home. You get to tour various show homes and communities to get a better sense of what you like.

You want to start by looking at communities. You’ll want one that has a convenient location for your lifestyle, including an easy commute and good schools for your children (if applicable). Each of our communities has different features, too, so if you’re looking for walking trails, playgrounds, or large backyards, look for a neighbourhood that has those things as well.

You’ll also be looking at home styles. Initially, you should focus on the floor plans of the home. How many bedrooms do you need? Do you like homes that have a walk-in pantry or bonus rooms?

You want a home that has exactly the right amount of space. You should also start paying attention to some of the design details, like different flooring or countertop styles. Remember, in most cases, you can take a home design you see in one community, and put it in a different community.

Once you have a strong sense of what you want, you can begin looking at the finer details. The model you fell in love with online – will it fit onto the lot you’ve had your eye on? Ask us anything! We will go through lot choices with you and find the best fit for your home.

The Financing Phase

Some people start with this phase because it allows them to be budget-conscious as they research home choices. Others wait until they’re ready to buy. In either case, you need to get pre-approved for a mortgage. This process will tell you how much the bank will approve you for and what your interest rate will be. If the interest rates drop before you finalize your purchase, you’ll be able to get a better rate.

The Sales Agreement Phase

You’ll work with one of our New Home Sales Consultants on the purchase agreement. At this point, you’re committing to a specific floor plan and lot. In some cases, you may be able to make changes to the floor plan you’ve chosen or can select from common changes/additions offered. This is the time when decisions such as increasing the size of a patio door, adding a fireplace, or adding a steel beam to your lower level should ideally be discussed.

Upon acceptance of the agreement and removal of conditions, we are ready to move forward!

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The Building Phase

 We start by digging and preparing the foundation, then we put up the “bones” of the home. We try to get this frame up as quickly as possible to avoid exposing the interior to the elements. When the exterior walls are up, we can get to work on the interior of your home. This includes laying down the plumbing and electrical wiring, putting up the walls, and everything else that makes your home a home.

There are inspections throughout this process to make sure that we’re doing our jobs properly, and that everything in the home meets building codes. 

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The Design Phase

This is probably everyone’s favourite part! Around the same time your home’s foundation is done and into the next phase of construction, you get to focus on the fun stuff! It’s time to choose specific design choices for every little thing in your home. This includes big things like flooring and cabinetry, and little things like the style of faucets or door knobs. Often, even when you are able to easily select a material, there are still choices to be made about the colour.

Did you know Sterling has a 4,000+ square foot design centre where you can see samples of all of your choices? You’ll be invited to come in for an appointment at DesignQ where you’ll be able to work with a certified interior designer and get expert help in making choices for the finishing touches of your new Sterling home. 

The Final Building Phases 

After you’ve made your interior and exterior selections at designQ, our team will  work tirelessly over the next few months to add each detail to your home. But first, there are some essential structural and service components to finish up.

The exterior wall and roof will be assembled, along with interior walls being lifted into place. Windows and doors will be installed next, then shingles will go onto your roof. Now your new home dreams are really starting to take shape!

Electrical and plumbing will be roughed in, then all your major utilities like water, electricity, cable, and telephone can be finalized. A City of Winnipeg “All Trades Inspection” will go over the structural, plumbing and electrical components to make sure everything is up to code before your homeowner orientation.

Insulation is completed next, then a vapour barrier is applied and another City of Winnipeg inspection occurs. The drywall is put into place, as well as the heating system.

Then we move on to painting your interior walls, installing doors, putting plumbing and electrical fixtures into place, and applying the trim. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are then installed, and your home is starting to look move-in ready any day now.

Homeowner Orientation

Now, time for another fun part! You will meet with your Site Supervisor prior to your possession date to inspect your new home and learn how to properly care for and maintain it.  This is an exciting time in the build process because you can see your new home up close and personal.

Possession Day 

All that’s left to do now is finalize some paperwork with your lawyer and receive the keys to your brand-new Sterling home. Congratulations! You’re now ready to move in and make it your own. 

Peace of Mind in Your New Sterling Home

When you build with Sterling, you’re protected by an industry-leading 1-2-5-10 Year New Home Warranty Program. We stand by our work, so if anything comes up after possession day, you can count on us to take care of it. Our Warranty Team will put you in touch with a dedicated Warranty Administrator to resolve any issues you may have.

Finishing Touches

The planning and building process will take about a year, and then your home will be ready to move into. We will still need to add some finishing touches to the exterior, such as landscaping, driveways, and walkways. Depending on the timing of your home build, this may have to wait a few months. For instance, if the home is finished in the winter, we’ll complete the landscaping in the springtime. You can still move in and enjoy your home, though!

The home building process might seem complicated, but it’s really quite simple. If you have any questions about it, be sure to ask one of our New Home Sales Consultants. We want to be sure that you understand every detail.

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