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It’s no secret that proper storage is the key to keeping a tidy home, and when you’re building a home, it’s wise to think about storage when you choose a floor plan.

You want your living room to have a custom look and this room also offers some of the most attractive, versatile options for storage in the home. 

The following suggestions should help you think about how you can incorporate storage into both the design and the décor.

Baskets and Cubes

Attractive baskets and cube containers are ideal for containing – and hiding – small items that need a place. They’re particularly useful when you need a place to stash the kids’ toys. Best of all, these containers are usually inexpensive so you can pick up as many as you might need. 

Step Up Storage Game Living Room Sofa Image Shelf ImageTake care when selecting the containers, though. The cubes are typically made from fabric and may not be sturdy, especially if you’re buying cheaper varieties. They work best in the cube organizers for a supportive structure. Baskets and other types of hard containers work well on open shelves. 

Built-In Shelving

Whenever possible, include built-in shelving in your home. We feature optional built-in shelving in the form of an entertainment unit. People love built-ins because they don’t take up any of the square footage in the living room. This gives you more space for the furniture you want to use.

Floor-to-Ceiling Units

Alternatively, you can purchase floor-to-ceiling shelving units that give you a lot of options for storage. It’s wise to make use of the full vertical space rather than having bare areas at the tops of your shelves. 

While it might be difficult to reach those upper shelves, you can easily use them to store things you don’t need often, then use a step stool to retrieve them when necessary. The key to making these look stylish instead of cramped is to limit the number of items you place on the shelves and try to create a symmetrical look.

Floating Shelves

If you don’t like the look of massive shelving systems, you could install a few floating shelves around the room instead. They can hold decorative accessories or practical items like books. You can keep them looking tidy by placing objects into small containers, then putting the containers on the shelves.

Hidden Storage

Storage doesn’t have to be in your face. In fact, some of the best storage containers are the ones you don’t see at all. For instance, many ottomans open up to show a sizeable storage area. They are great for keeping toys or blankets out of view. 

Ideally, the pieces you choose should somehow do double-duty. The ottoman stores your things, but it can also be a place to rest your feet or a place for guests to sit.

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Cabinets Around the Sofa

In an open-concept living area, the back of the sofa typically faces the kitchen and dining area. That’s a good way to visually separate the rooms, but it can limit your storage options. With a cabinet that wraps around the sofa, though, you will find far more storage than you realized. 

That being said, it’s sometimes hard to find a cabinet that precisely fits the size of your sofa. You may need to start with a cabinet and find a sofa that fits, or you may have to find an artisan who can make you a custom piece. Alternatively, you may be able to create something on your own by mixing and matching different Ikea KALLAX series shelves.

Tiered Tables

Coffee tables and end tables give you a place to set down your drink, but the typical table doesn’t offer a lot of storage. Instead, look for tiered tables that have an extra shelf or two underneath the main tabletop. 

This will give you a good place to store some books, or possibly a pen and notepad so you’re always ready to jot down ideas.

Unique Furniture Choices

Too many people have fixed ideas for what types of furniture belong in the living room. Ultimately, this limits your storage options. 

For instance, instead of buying a TV stand that doesn’t offer any storage, convert an old dresser into a TV stand. You can stash lots of different items in the drawers when you’re finished.

You can incorporate a lot of storage into your living room if you just keep an open mind. Look carefully at the ideas we’ve suggested to decide which ones best fit your personal tastes

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