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Your home may have been perfect when you bought it, but life changes and even a dream home can suddenly feel too small. Are you running out of bedrooms as your family grows? Do you find yourself waiting in line to use the bathroom? 

Sometimes it’s easy to tell when you need more space – but there may be subtle signs that your current home simply isn’t meeting your changing needs. 

Here are eight clear signs it’s probably time to move up to a larger home. 

1. You’ve Run Out of Storage Space 

When you find yourself getting creative trying to make space to fit all of your stuff, moving up to a larger home may be the easiest solution. Before you take on a new project to gain a few more inches in your closet or begin wondering how you can use that unused ceiling space, consider your other options. Remodelling your home may be an option to get more storage space in a bedroom or kitchen, or your remodelling budget can be put toward a larger home with the space you need. 

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2. Your Family is Growing

As your family size increases, upgrading to a new home may be the logical step. More people in your home means more stuff, more demand on the bathroom, a need for more private space, and room to roam. Whether it’s more children or ageing parents moving in, picking the perfect floor plan for your big family will make your situation more comfortable.

Along with getting more space to better accommodate your family, you may enjoy other amenities that were overlooked when you bought your home. This may include a better school district, nearby parks, or walking paths. 

3. You Have Frequent Guests 

If you love to entertain or invite friends and family to stay at your home, you will probably feel frustrated when your home becomes packed too close for comfort. Moving up to a larger home can give you a guest room for overnight guests, a larger yard for entertaining, and more living space to catch up with out-of-town guests. 

4. The Kids Don’t Have Enough Room 

Having enough bedrooms isn’t everything. It’s a good sign your home is too small for your family when the kids stop inviting their friends over because there’s nowhere to play or hang out. If your home doesn’t have space for the kids to do school work quietly or your yard is lacking space, it may be time to look for a home with more family space or even a bonus room that can be set up for the kids. Whether big or small, some sophisticated upgrade options can give you a more refined home.

5. Your Relationship Status Has Changed 

The cute bungalow or condo you’ve always loved may have been the right choice for you, but it may be time for a change when you meet someone special and you’re considering moving in together or getting married. 

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6. Your Income Has Increased

Your home probably fit your budget perfectly when you bought it, but times have changed. When you get a better-paying job or you start earning more money, your current home may begin to look shabby. With more money in the bank, it may be time to invest in a larger home. You can finally afford a larger yard or a dream kitchen. You can even be more selective now in terms of space, finishes, and other priorities. 

7. You’re Ready For a New Neighbourhood 

Your current neighbourhood may not have been your first choice when you bought your home, but it was within your budget. After years of living with a long commute to work or to get necessities, it’s time to reconsider your priorities. Now that you can afford to upgrade, you can be more selective in choosing a neighbourhood that better matches your lifestyle and needs. You may want to consider nearby amenities, green space, your commute, or proximity to the top schools in Winnipeg if you have children. 

8. Remodelling Doesn’t Make Sense 

Sometimes remodelling is the best way to adapt your home as your needs change. You can add storage space, upgrade finishes, rearrange the floor plan of your home, and even add more square footage – but sometimes this is more expensive than selling and moving up. 

Consider how much you really love your home and how much renovations would cost to make it a better fit for your new needs and wants. If it seems like too much work or it’s unlikely to pay off with a good return on investment, shopping for a new home is probably the best solution. The standard new home features you can expect may turn out to be what you were hoping to upgrade to – no work or waiting. 

Even the perfect home won’t stay perfect forever. Major life events like a job change, marriage, having kids, and an increase in income can make what was once your dream home feel cramped, outdated, and insufficient. When you have outgrown your current home, moving up to a new house can give you more than a square footage increase. It can also enhance your lifestyle and put you closer to the things that are important to you!

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