Room by Room Tips for Picking Artwork Den Featured ImageAs you start to decorate your new home, choosing furniture, wall colours, and accessories are all items on your to-do list. To show off your personality in your new home, another item on the list should be a unique collection of artwork for each room. 

Discover some fun ideas below!

The Master Bedroom

Try choosing artwork for your master bedroom that enhances the quiet, peaceful atmosphere of the room. What sort of artwork do you find soothing? One idea is a watercolour landscape done by one of the many artists from the Impressionist period. A swirl of pastel blues, greens, and yellows can help relax you.

Enhance the colours in the décor of your master bedroom by selecting artwork with similar colours. If your walls are green, go with framed prints of wildlife with lots of greenery in them. If you have furniture made from dark oak in your master bedroom, put all your artwork in wooden frames echoing your dark oak furnishings. Your eye will be drawn from your furniture to your artwork giving the room a balanced look.

If your bedroom has a soothing or minimalistic look and you want your artwork to be something a little more captivating, consider 3D artwork. This could be metalwork or something more earthy like a wooden display. There’s no better way to draw attention than with pieces that literally pop off your wall.

The Kitchen

Why not use bare wall space in your kitchen design to express your interests? If you dream of visiting Italy, France, and England one day, put up some colourful drawings of these countries.

If you have children or grandchildren who are budding artists, then go to a secondhand furniture shop to find some unique picture frames. You can buy a different frame to display each child’s work. Alternatively, art doesn’t need to be just imagery. You might hang a few shadow boxes with 3D shapes within them as another way to be a little more unique. 

As a cook, you can use the walls of your kitchen to display your own creations. Use your cell phone Room by Room Tips for Picking Artwork Main Imageto take colour photos of the entrees and desserts you make. Next, find some frames and hang your photos throughout the kitchen.

The Dining Room

If you have a beautiful dining room, it deserves artwork that’s similar in tone. One idea is to get a framed print of an old, majestic castle in Ireland or England. Putting the print in a gold gilt frame only adds to its beauty.

What are the colours in your dining room? Look at your colour theme, then choose your artwork. For instance, if you have wallpaper featuring a red and gold design, go with a print of a golden sunset. If the walls of your dining room are royal purple, go with a framed painting of a field of lavender or a simple pot of lavender flowers to keep with the colour theme.

The Living Room

The walls of your living room deserve a collection of interesting artwork. Use this room for all your favourite works. If you love black and white photos by famous artists, then frame some of those and arrange them on one wall. Try some gold or silver frames instead of black and white ones. 

Perhaps you’re lucky enough to know a local artist bound for great fame. Use another wall in your living room to display the works you have an emotional connection with.

Displaying artwork on the walls of your living room design can help brighten the general décor. If you have beige walls and white carpeting, look for prints with bright colours such as fields of wildflowers, a close up of a butterfly or a flock of birds. Sculpture artwork works well in the living room as well, whether you like geometric shapes or wirey creations, these can be great conversation pieces to place in the heart of your home. The contrast between subtle and bright colours, or pieces that add dimension, are sure to make your living room more appealing.

The Den

The walls of your den are an ideal place to display your love of movies, actors, television, or books. For instance, if you love classic black and white movies, look for movie posters on Amazon and other online stores with memorabilia. Put the posters in frames and display them with pride.

Room by Room Tips for Picking Artwork Bathroom Image If you love a series of books from a particular author, look for some old copies of their books in a used book shop, carefully remove the cover page and frame them. 

The Bathroom

Who says you can’t have artwork in a bathroom design? As with any room, you can use your artwork to echo other items of décor in your bathroom. If you have a Boston fern hanging in the bathroom, get a print featuring an elegant fern. Or, if you’re proud of the stained-glass window in your bathroom, get a print sharing some of its colours.

The Foyer

When you or your guests enter your home, you want the first place seen to be an inviting one. So, why not use accessories in your foyer to make it a cheerful area? If you have a bench in the foyer with kids’ or adults’ shoes arranged beneath it, hang up a framed whimsical drawing of a child in a bright yellow raincoat jumping puddles. 

Use the walls of your foyer to convey your love of family. Arrange framed family photos artfully on the wall so people see them when they walk in. Use oval, square, and rectangular frames to make the display even more interesting.

Decorating the walls of your home with artwork can be easy and inexpensive. Plus, it’s a great way to make your home a more welcoming place to spend time in.

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