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We’ve all heard the debate about new versus resale homes; about whether it’s better to buy a home in a brand new community, or buy an older home in an older, more established community. The reasons can vary, but many home buyers may automatically lean toward an older community, thinking newer communities are “barren land”.

This isn’t entirely true! Depending on the phase during which you move in, the development may still be underway, but the end result is most often worth it.

Newer communities are masterfully planned, with a specific focus on families. This takes into account the importance of nearby schools, commute routes, and other amenities and features in order to create the ultimate living experience.

A new community is a community that can grow with you and your family; let’s explore this a little further.

Green Space

We live in what some consider a concrete jungle. Endless grey surfaces reflecting noise and pollution, contributing nothing and invading the sanctity of our living environment.

New communities, however, counterbalance necessary roadways with ample green parks, natural open spaces, and lots of new trees. These spaces provide spectacular picnic spots, beautiful scenery, and quiet, breathable areas for homeowners to enjoy their own unique quality of life. Trees turn carbon dioxide into oxygen, reversing the effects of emissions and making your community healthier.
To give you a better idea of the vast spaces and walking trails you can enjoy when you choose to build in a new Winnipeg community, here’s a bird’s-eye view of our Granville model in Taylor Farm!

Parks & Playgrounds

Along with green spaces come exciting playgrounds, spray parks, and/or other fun amenities near home in many communities. Most new communities have an extensive playground system—certainly more than the swings and slides of our own childhoods.

New playgrounds have intricate climbing systems, multiple slides of different styles, catwalks, jungle gyms, monkey bars, built-in games, and so much more. Some new communities offer other features such as spray parks, ideal for those hot summer days.
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Off-Leash Dog Parks

If you’re active and a pet lover, having one of these close by is a major plus. There are some great off-leash dog parks in Winnipeg, including one in the brand-new community of Canterbury Crossing. You can let your furry friend(s) run free and play with other dogs while you socialize with members of your community. It’s an easy way to feel right at home and get some fresh air.

Easy Commute

This is an important consideration to make and is more of an intangible amenity. When you live in a new community next to major roadways and it’s only a short drive to work and the amenities around you, that convenience is unbeatable. Think about how much gas and time you’ll save when you aren’t stuck in traffic trying to get where you need to be.

Architectural Controls

Another benefit of living in a new community is they have architectural controls in place to ensure an upscale style and ambiance to the community. Front elevations of homes must meet certain style requirements including colour, decorative features, and the materials used. Curb appeal is maximized with landscaping requirements for front lawns, trees, and shrubs.

Additionally, the community itself is required to provide certain green spaces, trees, and more, to create a lush, enjoyable environment. The streetscape in newer communities looks spectacular, and it’s all due to these set requirements.
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Shopping & Restaurants

Most new communities include commercial space in the overall design plan. This may include a mini shopping centre with a grocery store, gas station, restaurants, medical, dental, and veterinarian clinics, and other small businesses ideally close to home.

Imagine never needing to leave your community to treat yourself to a manicure, pick up a few groceries, or take a sick child to a doctor. You’ll start to wish you worked this close to home! In the case where these aren’t located inside the actual community, they are located in very close proximity.

Water Features

In order to alleviate the stress on the municipal water system, many new communities are designed to include multiple water features. These are spaces crafted to collect rainwater, which then is fed into the municipal water system in a controlled manner.

Called stormwater ponds, they serve an important function and provide a beautiful setting for your neighbourhood. They attract plenty of nature—if you’ve never seen a heron before, chances are you will at one of these ponds! The developer may also populate the ponds with fish, naturally keeping algae at bay.

Safe Neighbourhood

Newer neighbourhoods are most often the safest areas in the city in which to live. Due to high activity in newer communities, there is less opportunity for crime to take place. Homeowners are outside more often enjoying their new neighbourhood, more vehicles come and go due to homes and commercial space still under construction, and a new community often fosters a sense of camaraderie as everyone joins around the same time.

With that type of close-knit environment, and likely a strong sense of pride of ownership, more attention may be paid to what is happening around the community. Your new neighbourhood will truly feel like your own, and the same will most likely be true for your neighbours, which means everyone will be looking out for the community as a whole.

For many reasons, new communities are an ideal choice when searching for a new home. You can enjoy your quality of life with these and other premium amenities found in new neighbourhoods throughout our city. You’ll also have a good idea of the plans for further development that will enrich your life. In a new community, you can be sure your future looks bright.

*Originally posted April 14, 2017, updated January 25, 2019.

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