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So you’ve prepared your home for spring, and now the sunlight is starting to pour through the large windows of your new home, beckoning you outside. 

What better way to soak in the spring weather than by making use of your patio? Better yet, by making use of your patio with unique pieces you put together yourself.

We’ve got some ideas for all you DIYers out there!

Cinderblock Bench

Patio Spring-Ready With These Inspired DIY Ideas Bench ImageWho would have thought that a collection of cinderblocks would make a great outdoor bench? When you create cushions and backrests to go with them, you’ll enjoy perfectly comfortable seating. An advantage of this design is that it’s durable and will easily withstand cold or wet weather.

Outdoor Pillows

Of course, you want your patio seating to be super comfortable. While pillows are the answer, since their home will be in the unpredictable outdoors, you’re going to want pillows suitable for outdoor use. This tutorial explains an easy way to make pillow covers with outdoor fabric that’s pretty resistant to moisture and removable. 

Rope Ottomans

Old tires that you haven’t had a chance to dispose of yet could find a new life as rope ottomans. When you surround the tire with rope, you’ll end up with a comfy place to put your feet that look natural. These types of ottomans look great with patio benches of all kinds.

Simple Side Tables

Not only is this an inexpensive alternative to purchasing outdoor furniture, it’s much more customizable. With one swift flip, you can turn a wire basket into a side table! Pick out a wire basket with a pattern you love and spray paint it with your favourite colour; top it with a round wood panel and you have a cute space to place your coffee mug.

Use Some Glow Paint 

Glow paint isn’t just fun for kids, it’s also an innovative way for adults to “dress up” their spaces. Adding some glow paint to flower pots or baskets helps provide some fun illumination around your patio area. You might also consider using the paint to embellish a design on paving stones.

Save Space With Pallet Planters

We all see pallets sitting around unused when out shopping and might not see them as something potentially useful. However, they present the opportunity to create pallet planters, with built-in drainage. Stacking and tiering are just two of the possibilities you can make use of. 

Patio Spring-Ready With These Inspired DIY Ideas Bowl ImageTabletop Fire Bowls

Building a fire pit is time-consuming, so tabletop options are an easier choice in a lot of cases. Concrete or metal bowls with gel fuel will be sufficient for most designs. The best part about these fire bowls is you can create several in whatever style you like.

Put Potted Plants on a Baker’s Rack

Baker’s racks aren’t just ideal for kitchen storage, they are also an ideal size to use outside as a stand for plants. The open shelves make it easy for the water runoff from the planters to drain so your shelves stay undamaged. You can also highlight your plants even further using lights and other accessories.

Make a Cute Chandelier with Unexpected Elements

Did you know that you can make a chandelier with icicle lights and a hula hoop? Decorative ribbon makes it easy to pull everything on this design into place in very little time. Because of its lightweight design, you won’t need to worry about the spot you use to hang it from.

Mason Jar Light String

Mason jars are very versatile, and lights are just one of the many ways you can put them to use in your patio area. When hung from chains, you have secure mason jar candle holders. Consider using some coloured jars for an even more stunning effect, especially if you decorate your patio for special holidays.

New home plans that include a patio will give you plenty of chances to use your imagination. A patio is always a fun area to hang out in. Decorating this space will help you make it truly your own.

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