The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s where families come together, meals are prepared, and guests tend to congregate. All our designs are intended to be as functional as possible, however there are some items you should consider including in your kitchen that will take it to the next level! Keep reading for our list of kitchen features that you should consider when building your new Sterling home.

Tall Upper Cabinets

It’s important to take advantage of the space you have, so by increasing the height of your cabinets, you can utilize the space between the top of your cabinets and ceiling. Whether you want to increase the height of your cabinets or add stacked upper cabinets above, it will provide extra storage space which is always beneficial in any home.


Base Cabinet Drawers

Drawers provide a lot of convenience in the kitchen. They allow you to have easy access to everything as they pull out completely, so you won’t need to struggle or remove anything to get to the items at the back. So why only have drawers for utensils? Consider converting your base cabinets into drawers! They are great for pots and pans or even your everyday dishware. Not only will they provide the same amount of storage (if not more), they’ll add ease to your everyday cooking needs.

Chimney Hood Fan

While a chimney hood fan is the perfect touch for aesthetic appeal, it is actually a functional addition to your kitchen. Not only will it add an upscale charm, it also increases air quality by exhausting fumes and potential pollutants caused from cooking. In turn, this can reduce odors in your kitchen, as well as keep the area cleaner by capturing grease, steam, smoke and fumes that could otherwise be trapped in your home. As an extra bonus, many units are equipped with built-in lighting, perfect for adding the illumination you need while cooking.


Double Waste Bin

A double waste bin is similar to a base cabinet drawer; however, they are typically taller and are built to accommodate two waste bins (your garbage and recycling bins). They provide that extra bit of convenience as you can drop waste directly into them from above – think of clearing your cutting board – without having to open the cupboard and pull the bins out.

Under Cabinet Lighting

Lighting is an important feature to have throughout your home, and while Sterling kitchens are already equipped with disc lights, having under cabinet lighting adds that extra light you need to better illuminate your countertops. Not only is this beneficial while preparing your meals, you can also use it as accent lighting to highlight décor or to give a bit of light to the space without needing to turn on the overhead lights.

Multifunctional Island

An island is a great feature to have in your kitchen. It provides additional counter space, extra cabinetry, and a lot of the time the kitchen sink and dishwasher are in the island, freeing up space elsewhere. You can also turn it into a multifunctional dream! Add an eating lip to create an additional space for meals (many of our islands are already equipped with one) or consider adding additional cabinetry, open shelving or even a bottle rack to the end. This is the perfect way to create a display piece that’s both beautiful and functional.


Appliance Cabinet

Appliances have become a staple in our kitchens today and having a designated cabinet for them will keep them tucked away and off your kitchen counter. You can leave it as just a simple cabinet or you can amp it up with built-in outlets and a pull-out shelf. This will allow you to use the appliances right there without having to move them back and forth from the cabinet to the countertop.

While our standard kitchens are equipped with everything you need, you can always choose to upgrade your features to take it to the next level. We hope you’ve gained some inspiration. Be sure to talk to your New Home Sales Consultant about any upgrades you’re considering!