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Many home decorating trends can feel a bit blah or generic. Who wants the shabby in shabby chic? Could the traditional look be a little bland? You’re the type of person who wants a bit more glamour in your life.

It’s time to consider decorating your home with decor that hints at the Golden Age of Hollywood. Whether you’re relaxing with friends or getting ready for bed, our ideas can help you develop a sense of style that’s all your own.

Golden Touches

When you look at pictures of Old Hollywood, one of the first things you’ll notice is the prevalence of gold. You’ll see gold accents in the tables, around mirrors, in lamps, and in the little knick-knacks around the space. It sets the tone for the room and gives it an elegant feel. The key to making this work without being gaudy is to make sure that you’re just using small touches of gold. It shouldn’t overwhelm the space.

Black and White

Almost as though it was with the intention of mimicking the look of old black-and-white films, you often see people using black and white as the primary colours in the room. The contrast in these colours almost always presents a sharp, clean look. One way to do this is to have the walls, area rug, and most of the furniture be white, then incorporate a few black accent pieces.

However, you can also make this work with more black if you want to be even more dramatic. For instance, the walls could be white, but you might have a black (preferably leather) sofa, black-and-white striped curtains, and black trim around the ceiling. Here and there, you might add a few pops of a bright colour, like red or hot pink.

Mirror Lighting

Large lights placed around a mirror just shout “Hollywood,” and they’re an especially nice touch if you want to feel like a star every time you put your makeup on. It’s surprisingly easy and affordable to get this look. These particular lights, for instance, can attach to many types of mirrors. Be sure to put these special lights on a separate switch.

Framed Photos

Think about hanging some black-and-white framed portraits around the home. You could choose some of your favourite old Hollywood stars, or you could take some pictures of your family in a similar style.

Want a really dramatic idea? Take a small room like the main floor half bathroom, and paint it red, then hang up these black-and-white photos. It will certainly wow all of your guests.


The right chandelier will brighten up your space while helping you to create the elegant look you want. Go big, and use chandeliers throughout the home. You might have one in the entryway, the living room, and above the dining room table. As we mentioned before, a bit of gold is always nice, so you could choose a chandelier that has gold and crystals. If you’re not sure about
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Essential Furniture Pieces

Sometimes, it’s the little details that help you create a decorating theme. Other times, it’s in the main pieces in the room. One thing that could help you create a Hollywood feel is a dressing table. You could put this in your bedroom or even in the walk-in closet if it’s big enough. This should be well-lit so that you can easily put on makeup or do your hair.

Another good piece of furniture to have is a chaise lounge. These work perfectly in a variety of rooms, including the living room, the master bedroom, or a bonus room at the top of the stairs.

Elegant Curtains

In Hollywood-themed rooms, you’ll often find extra-luxurious curtains. You’ll definitely want ones that hang from the top of the window to the floor. Heavier fabrics like velvets and brocades are a nice touch. You may even want to have a valance at the top. This gives each window the feel of a stage curtain — or the curtains you might find around the screen in a classic theatre.

Bold Colour Choices

In general, we’ve talked about how it’s a good idea to either use neutral colours or a black-and-white theme to create the Hollywood look, but what if you prefer a bit of colour? You can use almost any colour you want, as long as you go bold. In particular, jewel tones will work nicely: think sapphire blue, emerald green, or amethyst purple. And you’ll want to use them liberally. For instance, you could use your chosen colour on the wall or choose a large sofa in that colour. The colour becomes a focal point for the room.

It isn’t hard to fill your home with a bit of Hollywood glamour, and once you do, you’ll feel like a star. Have some more glamorous ideas already showing off in your home that you want to share with us? Please let us know in the comments below!

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