Gorgeous Gardening Ideas for Summer Featured Image


The warmer weather is going to give you plenty of time to spend in your backyard and a few simple additions to your garden can take things to a whole new level. We’ve put together some gorgeous gardening ideas that are easy to implement as well as personalize to your own tastes.


Forge a New Path

Having a path or walkway in your garden can be both practical and pretty. Doing this ensures you won’t have a worn out path from people walking in high traffic areas. There are plenty of different ways to design a garden path. For instance, you might create a path using bricks or pavers in a design that you love. Gravel pathways are nice because they’re affordable and easy to do. They’re an especially good choice for those who want to create a twisting path. You can add visual interest to a gravel pathway by adding a small amount of stones in a different colour from the others.

Set Up “Zones”

Looking to draw people into the backyard? You’ll want to set up different zones, or outdoor rooms throughout the space. For instance, you might have a fire pit, a grilling area, patio seating for relaxing or eating, and a kids’ play area. You could do grown-up games like corn hole or badminton, a vegetable garden or a reading nook. When possible, define these spaces using things like plant borders, outdoor carpets, or grassy areas. It’s important to think about how you want to use your yard. If you’re not the type of family that enjoys eating outside, you probably don’t need a large patio table. You might, though, want some comfortable lounge chairs for reading a good book.

You can even do this in a backyard that’s not large. You just might have fewer spaces. But even a small space can be the perfect backyard setting.

Create Some Whimsy

Have a bit of fun with your garden by including some magical elements. Fairy things are especially popular. All you need to do is put a small door on a tree to make it look like a fairy lives there. You could also make a little fairy garden or hide a fairy house somewhere in your garden. There are plenty of little accessories to make this easily available at craft stores, but to do it “right”, you should make your own things out of natural materials. These ideas should get you started.

Reach for New Heights

Want to know the secret to having a garden that looks really put-together? It’s all about adding some height to the space. People often tour the local nursery, cooing over the beautiful flowers, but they don’t spend enough time thinking about how everything will look together. Ideally, you should choose some tall plants to place behind your colourful flowers. Since bigger plants tend to come with a bigger price tag, it’s a good idea to choose tall perennial plants that will come back year after year. Ask a local gardening expert which plants will work best in your yard.

Paint a Pretty Picture

The plants and flowers that you like don’t always look nice together. As you make your selections, think carefully about what the overall effect is going to be. For instance, many people love marigolds because they’re natural pest repellers, but the bright orange colour probably won’t look great next to your red roses.

How do you choose the right flowers? Think about the classic colour wheel to create a palette for the garden. Some people like to go with a monochromatic theme while others want their garden to feel like a burst of every colour. If you want to really go crazy, though, consider how the flowers you plant will look with the colours in your patio furniture or flower pots. Matching plants to these colours will look fabulous.

Focus on Foliage

Don’t forget that it’s not just colours and height that complete the look of your garden. You’ll also want to pay some attention to the types of foliage that each plant offers. For instance, plants with large, round leaves could have a gentle and relaxing quality. Those with spiky leaves or flower petals might have a funky feel. Sometimes, it’s OK to mix-and-match the textures in your foliage, but other times, things can look out of place. Again, carefully think about how your plants will look next to each other.

Your garden should be a fun place for your family to relax. We hope these tips will help you create a garden that’s perfect for you as you enjoy the sunny summer weather in your colourful backyard.

Photo credits: depositphotos.com