Eye Catching Wall Accent Ideas Blue Featured ImagePart of the fun of moving is decorating your new home – choosing paint colours, flooring, artwork, and furniture. Creating an accent wall in a room is one way to make a room’s décor all the more special. Look at some imaginative ideas for accent walls throughout the home.

The Master Bedroom

One idea is to put up wallpaper that looks like wood panelling to give your bedroom a warm, rustic feel. Finish off the look with some 3D wall art, such as tree branches or leaf-shaped metalwork with a metallic sheen to fit the theme.  

Another idea is to use fabric on your feature wall. This gives you an almost endless amount of design possibilities to choose from. Plus, the look of texture will add to the appeal and makes this Eye-Catching Accent Wall Ideas Wood Imagean excellent choice for the wall behind your headboard. 

Kids’ Rooms

You can come up with a great idea for an accent wall in a kid’s room by considering his or her interests. If your child is interested in geography and maps, put up a mural of a colourful map of the world. Or, if your kid has a love of animals, bring their room to life by mounting little sculptures all over the wall, such as butterflies or dragonflies flying about. You could even hang bird sculptures from the ceiling so they rest just in front of a wall painted with clouds. 

The accent wall in a kid’s room may feature material different from all the other walls. You can easily put together a magnetic chalkboard wall that gives kids a fantastic creative outlet in their own room!

The Laundry Room

You may have to spend more time than you like washing clothes in a laundry room, so why not create an accent wall there? Chances are, the walls of your laundry room are plain white or beige. This is the perfect canvas for a collection of vinyl wall stickers. 

Get some vinyl wall stickers in the form of colourful rose petals and arrange them to look like they’re sprinkling down your wall. Or, get vinyl wall stickers in the form of a favourite animal, a beloved storybook character, or even an inspiring quote. Any of these choices can bring a fresh look to a room designed for practical tasks. 

The Bathroom

A bathroom serves a practical purpose, but that doesn’t mean it can’t have an accent wall. If all the walls of your bathroom are white, paint one of them in a bright colour such as turquoise or metallic gold. Paint the wall where the sink is located so you can add an ornate mirror and artwork to move the wall even further into the spotlight.

Put up some wallpaper in your bathroom featuring large swirling designs. If you want to add a fern or another plant to your bathroom’s décor, look for wallpaper with shades of green in its design. Flowers and plants set against your accent wall give even more dimension to the imaginative décor in your bathroom design.

The Dining Room

Whether you’re throwing a dinner party or enjoying dinner with your family, the dining room should be a pleasant place to gather. To add interest and dimension, this can be a great place to install 3D wall panels. There are many different types to choose from, but the end result is always something funky and unique. 

Eye-Catching Accent Wall Ideas Gold ImageThe Kitchen

Use the accent wall in your kitchen to convey something about yourself and your interest in cooking. Paint one wall in your kitchen bright red and put up a wall rack for your copper pots and pans. Add some artwork in the form of favourite recipes in frames of different styles and colours.

If you’re hoping to achieve a harmonious kitchen design, you might like to make your accent wall a full tile backsplash. That way, you can choose tiles (or any other backsplash material you prefer) that match well with your countertops. Choose a slightly different shade of colour just to bring more interest to the wall.

The Living Room

An accent wall in a living room can make this popular room even more appealing. If all your walls are painted in a simple matte colour such as beige, white or grey, you have perfect opportunity to get more creative with what you hang on it. You could create an entire gallery wall, using a mixture of artwork, photographs, mirrors, and even 3D art, in an arrangement that catches attention and gives your living room a custom look.

If you’ve gathered a library-sized collection of books over the years, consider dedicating an entire wall of your living room to bookshelves. Whether you opt for one solid unit, floating shelves, or a combination of various shelving units, your bookshelf accent wall =will boast both flair and function.

Creating an accent wall in any room can be as easy as giving it a new colour, putting up wallpaper with a unique design, or adding some engaging artwork to it. You can use this wall to show off your personality in your new home or highlight other pieces of décor in the room.

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