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Does your master bedroom need an extra dash of style? Adding a few accessories can make it more inviting and comfortable. Consider some ideas for little extras that can contribute to the stylish décor in your master bedroom.

Try Silk Flowers in a Vase

A decorative vase full of blue hydrangeas, sunflowers, orange Tiger lilies, or pink peonies would be a colourful accessory to put on a table in your master bedroom. The best part of this idea is you can get silk versions of these and other flowers. Be sure to select some that flow with the colour theme of the space.

Details: Accessories for Your Bedroom ImageRefresh Your Lampshades

If you have a lamp in your master bedroom with a plain white shade, exchange it for something more attractive. Get a lampshade in a bell, oval, or drum design instead of a traditional empire design. Choose a lampshade featuring vines, stars, flowers, squares, or other designs on its surface to add even more interest to your lamp.

Get an Aquarium

Putting this accessory into your bedroom takes a bit of setup and maintenance, but it can add so much interest to the space. You can create a lively scene within your aquarium using glass rocks, real plants, pebbles, colourful sand, and glowing lights. Plus, you can choose fish in a variety of colours with stripes or speckles to make your aquarium one of the most appealing items in the room.

Look at Pillows with an Eye-Catching Design

Look for four or five throw pillows with stripes, zig-zags, stars, curlicues and other standout designs. Place these on a bed with a comforter in a solid colour. Or, put them on a chair or loveseat to give them more pizazz.

Go with a Fresh Collection of Artwork

Transform your master bedroom with new artwork such as a wall hanging of a seahorse made of shells or sea glass. Or, put up an aluminum wall sculpture of a bird, a flower, or a tree. Choose artwork with texture and dimension to improve the décor of your master bedroom.

If you like the artwork on your wall right now, jazz it up a little bit with some detail. Put your photos and prints in frames made with different materials. There’s no reason why the picture frames on your bedroom walls have to be identical.

Change the Appearance of a Beloved Chair

Maybe you have a comfy chair in your master bedroom you never want to get rid of. You can instantly change its appearance by putting a slipcover on it. Choose a slipcover in a completely different colour and with a different texture than the chair’s original fabric.

Details: Accessories for Your Bedroom Light ImageInvest in a New Comforter for Your Bed

You’d be surprised how much a new comforter can change the look of a master bedroom. If you have one now in a soft, pastel colour, try a new one with two or three colours and a fun pattern. Add some matching pillow shams to the picture for extra emphasis.

Enhance the Look of Your Windows

When it comes to window coverings, most windows have just two curtain panels. To enhance the look of your windows, add more panels to your curtain rod. If you have two heavy curtains in a solid colour, add two white lace curtain panels. During the day you can slide the heavier curtains to the outer edges of the rod while keeping the lace curtains closed during especially sunny hours of the day.

Add an Upholstered Ottoman 

An upholstered ottoman serves as a finishing touch to the décor of a master bedroom. Try matching the ottoman to the colour of your bed’s comforter or with an easy chair if you have the room. If you need extra storage space, get an upholstered ottoman with space inside for books, magazines, and other small items.

Give Things a Natural Touch

A pot of pothos hanging near a window in the master bedroom gives you a beautiful, ever-changing accessory. The vining with its deep green, variegated leaves is especially lovely in a room with lots of pastels. As the vining grows you can drape it over the window sill or over the curtain rod.

If you have a table or bureau in your master bedroom in need of some new life, get a Boston fern, a spider plant or a jade plant. These plants are low-maintenance and provide the décor with leaves of different shapes and sizes. For a more dramatic effect, put your plant in a decorative pot matching your colour theme.

Your new home may be filled with floor plan features that add extravagance to your home, but if you want an easy way to give a lift to the décor of your master bedroom, try out a couple of these accessories. It’s a chance to show off your personality in your new home and you’ll be surprised how much difference a few small changes can make!

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