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Choosing the home’s overall design, finishes, and colours is one of the best parts of selecting a brand new home by far. One of the advantages of using Sterling Homes is you have recourse to a private appointment where you can make these choices.

A personal space that suits your needs is within easy reach with designQ, which is a one-stop shopping location for selecting your designs, with over 4,000 square feet of space. 

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Advantages of Working With Your Personal Consultant

You’ll make your design choices with the one-on-one help of a certified interior decorator during a three-hour appointment. Some of the guidance you’ll receive includes: 

  • Choices that help you get the best value out of your home
  • Techniques to give you an exact look you want
  • Current interior trend design advice

One of the best things about this appointment is you decide how much or how little guidance you want. 

You’ll want to think about the look you’re trying to get, finishes, and colours before your appointment and make a detailed list of these preferences. You’re more likely to have a smooth appointment and be happy with the results when you take the time to plan everything first. 

Your Walls 

Even though many design consultants advise a single colour for a consistent look, painting feature walls in a different colour offers a stylish look. When your feature wall locations are based on furniture placement and the room shape, you’ll find it easier to create focal points. 

Tile & Other Flooring Choices 

Flooring choices you may consider include: 

  • Carpet
  • Hardwood
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl Plank
  • Ceramic Tile

The type of tile used on walls, in showers, or on a backsplash, can also be chosen when you have your appointment. There are so many colours and styles to choose from, you will never be out of options. 

Unique design patterns are perfect for tile and other types of flooring. Several designs will help give your home a more sophisticated air, ranging from chevron to herringbone. Backsplashes and shower wall tiles are perfect places to put in an accent strip for extra variation. 

Picking Your Countertops 

One of the countertop materials that offers a broad range of colours and styles is granite. As a natural material, you can be sure each slab is unique, with showroom samples providing a simple representation of what the granite countertop could look like. If you’re looking for something nature-inspired, you won’t go wrong choosing this option. 

An alternative to granite you might want to consider is quartz. This material offers the benefits of a natural-looking countertop, coupled with a manufactured design. Instead of a stone look, this option offers embedded metallic pieces set in a solid colour setting. 

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Cabinets That Work for You 

Several factors play a role when you’re picking your cabinetry, making it one of the most important decisions you’ll make. Since you’ll need to make these choices for both your kitchen and your bathrooms, functionality, and creativity both matter in the choice you make. 

One of the things your consultant will do is help you pick what works best with your style, no matter whether it’s traditional, contemporary, or transitional. Some of the finishes include painted wood, natural hardwood, and thermafoil. You’ll also be able to make choices like: 

  • Whether to incorporate glass inserts into the cabinetry
  • The height of the cabinets
  • The style of the doors used
  • Hardware that includes door handles and other elements

When you’re selecting cabinetry, function makes a significant difference in the convenience of your kitchen or bathrooms. A few examples of functional features include: 

  • Towers of shelving and drawers for increased bathroom space
  • Second sink options
  • Pull-outs for trash cans
  • Spice cabinets
  • Drawers for pots and pans

Your Exterior

When it comes to beautiful new neighbourhoods, there are certain guidelines surrounding the exterior look of your home. Meant to retain property values and a great community aesthetic, exterior design choices will need to be sent for architectural approval. 

This is yet another perk of working with a design consultant as they can help you choose exterior colours and materials you’re sure to love and likely to be approved. On the rare occasion, you may need to reselect certain materials but your consultant will certainly help minimize these chances. 

What Else You’ll Want to Think About 

If you’re thinking about some of the most common extras, talking to the sales agent ahead of time will help designQ prepare better for your three-hour in-depth consultation. You’re also free to drop by any Thursday between 9 am and 4 pm for our designQ open house! This is a great way to get the ball rolling and get a handle on what you really want.  

Above all else, your certified interior decorator will help you bring out your unique style, which will help get you ready to enjoy your new home. Have fun planning what you’ll do with your new Sterling Home!

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