It’s exciting to consider all of the possibilities of living in a brand-new home and perhaps you’re in the process of deciding between a custom home or a premium home. Discover some facts about custom homes and premium homes to determine which is best for you and your family. 

What is a Custom Home? 

A custom home is built based on the design preferences of the owner. The owner gets to choose the home’s features and overall design, which can include the number of rooms, room arrangement, and much more. By building a custom home, the owner will have complete control over the design of the home.

The Disadvantages of Custom Homes 

The Time it Takes to Build 

You must make dozens of decisions regarding the creation of a custom home. With a custom home, you will be starting completely from scratch. This includes the engineering of the home and it being an entirely new plan to the builder. Therefore, the project of building your home from start to finish takes longer than building a premium home.  So, if you’re anxious to get into a new home, you may want to consider this fact before choosing custom. 

Finding the Right Lot 

Your custom home must be built on a lot that will accommodate its size and design. Perhaps you find a lot you absolutely love. If the lot’s dimensions and terrain don’t fit, then you have a couple options. You can either adjust the design to fit the lot, or you can find another lot for your dream home. 

What is a Premium Home? 

A premium home is a newly built home that is customizable to fit your needs. Buyers will be presented with an array of standard plans to choose from, and have the ability to make changes in order to build the home that will accommodate their lifestyle.

The Benefits of Premium Homes 

The Cost of Your New Home

One of the main benefits of building a brand-new premium home is the cost. They are available in many price ranges, so you can choose one suitable for your budget. Additionally, as a rule, premium homes are generally less expensive than custom homes and come with a predetermined base price. With a true custom home, it can sometimes be tough or take longer to determine a starting price as the builder may need time to create and price out the design. However, every builder is different, so be sure to ask questions.

Choosing the Features of Your Home 

Premium home builders provide buyers with options when it comes to the features of their home. Masterfully-planned layout choices make it easier to have a design style that flows through your entire home. But that’s not to say you can’t customize your floor plan. A good, flexible premium home builder will be happy to accommodate your customization requests wherever possible.  

Here, too, affordability plays a major role, as even if you are planning to make changes to your floor plan, there are few unknowns when it comes to materials, costs, labour etc. then there can be with a custom home. 

You can also make all your own interior selections. This means you can choose the flooringcountertop materialslighting, and the wall colours to name a few. You don’t have to go custom to make important choices regarding the appearance of your new home. 

Extras, Extras! 

With flexible floor plans to fit your needs, valuable extras are another benefit of going with a premium home. A bonus room, an optional deck, and added windows are a few examples of the extras you can opt for when planning your new home. Again, your builder will be happy to make adjustments to help you create your ideal floor plan whenever possible. 

If you want more natural light in your great room, you may want to include the optional window in the design plan. Or, perhaps you like to think of yourself and your family having lunch or dinner on a lovely deck in the summertime. These extras allow you to fulfil your vision of your dream home. 

Live in a Community You Love 

Choosing your community is definitely an advantage enjoyed by both premium and custom home buyers. There are so many benefits of building in a new community, and that’s why you’ll find premium homes available in these areas. One neighbourhood may have a large playground nearby for families with young children. Another neighbourhood may be within walking distance of a collection of restaurants and shops for families who prefer to walk rather than drive. You get to choose the type of community you feel is best for you and your family. 

Don’t Wait to Move In 

Because of the standard, yet customizable floor plan, a lot of the basic work has been done regarding the home’s design. This means you’re likely to get into your premium home sooner than you would if you opted for a custom version. 

Maybe you’re planning a job change and you’re moving to the Winnipeg area. You may not have the time to wait for all of the steps involved in creating a custom home. You may need to get moved into your brand-new home and get started in your new job position in a timely way. While premium and custom builders usually have move-in ready houses available at any given time, just waiting for you to claim as home, a main factor may be the price point and how it fits your budget.

Making decisions about the appearance of your home makes it all the more exciting when moving day arrives! But you don’t need to go custom to avoid moving into someone else’s vision of an inviting, modern home. Take the opportunity to create a brand-new premium home that exceeds all of your expectations.

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