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Are you and your family thinking about moving up to a bigger and better home ? Maybe you’ve been in your current home for many years and feel like it’s time for something a bit more modern and spacious. If this sounds like you, we can help. Here are a few important things to think about as you consider making this significant and exciting change.

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What Size Home Do You Need? 

Think about the home you’re in now. Do you imagine yourself in a brand-new home with two or three additional rooms? Maybe you want a home that’s double the size of your current place. Or, perhaps you want a home with the same amount of rooms, but with additional space in each one. Having a specific home size in mind can help you figure out what you’re looking at in terms of cost. 

What Sort of Property Do You Want? 

What kind of lot do you want along with your bigger and better home? You may long for more space for a flower garden, oversized deck or even an outdoor entertaining area. Think about how much yard work you’re willing to do to keep your place looking neat and appealing. 

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What Do You Like About Your Current Neighbourhood?

You may appreciate a lot of things about your current neighbourhood. Maybe you like the natural surroundings and parks within walking distance of your home. Making a list of what you like about your neighbourhood can help you in your search for a great new Winnipeg community with those qualities and much more. 

What More Do You Want in a New Neighbourhood?

Your neighbourhood has a lot of wonderful features, but you have more in mind for you and your family. Start a list of wants and needs for what you would like in your new neighbourhood. A gathering of quality schools nearby, a group of shops and restaurants within walking distance and bike trails for both kids and adults are all examples of possible items on your list. 

Maybe you’re looking for more fundamental qualities. Perhaps you want to live in a neighbourhood where you feel more at ease about letting your children play outside. Or, maybe you want to live in an area with more young families like your own. Think about the features most important to you. 

Examples of qualities and features to consider in a new neighbourhood: 

  • Proximity to your workplace
  • Transit options
  • Proximity to doctor’s offices, dental offices and other medical resources

How Will Your Life Change in the Next Two to Five Years? 

Of course, no one knows what the future will bring. But, there are some things you can factor in when considering a bigger and better new home. Will the kids be moving out soon? Are you looking for something with a little less maintenance? 

Perhaps you’re expanding your home business in the next couple years. You have some new ideas and want to make your home business a standout in the industry. So, you have a new home in mind with a larger amount of space for your offices and business-related storage. You may even need an additional room for meeting with clients. 

Should You Buy a Home or Sell Your Home First? 

This is an important question to consider before making the decision to go with a bigger and better brand-new home. It can be tricky to figure out the timeline for selling your current home and moving into your brand-new one. You may also want to consider porting your mortgage, a bridge loan or HELOC

What Would Be the Most Optimal Time to Move? 

Consider whether it’s the most optimal time to move. Are you a few semesters away from finishing work on an advanced degree? If so, it may be prudent to wait until after graduation to move. 

Do you have a child who is one year away from beginning high school? If you put off your move until your child finishes middle school, then he or she can begin high school in your new neighbourhood. Are you wanting to renovate to increase the resale value of your existing home

Taking the time to do some serious thinking about a move to a bigger and better home can benefit you in the long run. You’ll be more likely to end up in a home and community you and your family love, on a timeline that works best for everyone. 

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