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Even though your appliances don’t completely define your kitchen, they do make a difference in your enjoyment of this room, especially if you do a lot of entertaining. Selecting the right appliances to meet your needs will help ensure every meal is a complete success and you’re able to get everything fixed in no time. It’s amazing how much convenience the right appliances can add, so be sure to choose the ones that work best for you.


Even though most homeowners use free-standing models that extend beyond counter depth, there are advantages to counter depth models that have a built-in appearance. Moving meal ingredients from the fridge to your counter space is a piece of cake with this option. You’ll also want to choose between single or dual-compressor models, with dual-compressor models being especially helpful for organic produce buyers. 

You’ll also want to consider whether you want a top or bottom freezer configuration, or whether you prefer a side-by-side model. Easy accessibility to the refrigerated items you use most will likely be your most significant consideration. The less time you have to spend reaching for things you need, the better. 

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When selecting an oven, gas or electric will be the first choice to make. You’ll also want to consider whether to have the oven as part of a kitchen island. Oven stations that allow for side-by-side or stacked configurations are perfect for homeowners who enjoy the benefits of both a conventional oven and a convection oven. Should you choose both oven types, putting together a big meal will be effortless. 


Both built-in and over the range microwaves offer maximum convenience and save valuable kitchen space. Selecting a location for your microwave where you also have drawer space makes it easy for you to access everything you need while cooking. This could mean your microwave is built-in or over the cooking range. One option to keep in mind is a convection microwave, which offers fast-speed oven capabilities. 

Range Hood Fans 

One of the most critical parts of your kitchen is an adequate ventilation system. Hood fans are useful both when over the counter or over your kitchen island, whichever suits your preferences more easily. When you’re making a choice, you’ll probably want an option that reduces fan noise as much as possible. 

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Finishes to Choose

There are several finishes you can consider, including stainless steel, black, coloured, and white, all of which offer advantages. Knowing which finish is most appropriate for your particular kitchen will help you make a better overall decision. 

Circumstances good for stainless steel appliances include: 

  • Having wood cabinets, which makes a visual break nice
  • Ultramodern kitchens where streamlined looks are best
  • When using a transitional style that blends modern and traditional

When to choose black appliances

  • If you have grey cabinets
  • With dark-coloured wood cabinets
  • While using a black/white colour theme

Reasons to choose white appliances

  • Cabinets with a pale colour tone
  • A ceiling in a dark colour or with dark wood
  • If opting to mix and match your colours

When to consider coloured appliances

  • If you’re going for a retro diner or similar look
  • When you want to stand out from the crowd
  • Should you decide to add a little extra zing

Logistical Concerns 

One of the most important things you need to think about is what you’re getting for appliances early on. A larger fridge, for example, could require a change in your kitchen layout to make sure you can accommodate everything without any hassles. Another consideration is that an oven with an island location will need an extra gas line or a fridge with a water/ice dispenser will require an additional water pipe. 

Of course, you may have a specific spot in mind for your new fridge or stove and a good builder will be happy to accommodate. Just be sure to let them know ahead of time so they can ensure you have everything you need (such as extra water lines, gas lines etc.).  

Your Overall Use is Important 

How you ultimately use the kitchen most of the time will likely be one of the most significant overall factors in what you select for appliances. For example, if you do most of your preparation at the island instead of the counter, most of your appliance choices will need to reflect this. Keeping the bigger picture in mind from the very start will make a world of difference. 

Selecting your kitchen appliances isn’t hard, but requires some thought to make sure everything works smoothly. Our home plans are perfect for anyone who wants one of the most unique kitchen spaces possible. For more information, don’t hesitate to talk to one of our Certified Interior Decorators. They’ll be happy to help you make the right decisions for your unique needs and preferences.

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