Why Buying a Bungalow Can Be The Best Choice for You Exterior Featured Image

The special features of a bungalow home design appeal to parents of young children, seniors, and everyone in-between. The main floor of a bungalow is especially convenient for people who want to move from room to room in a quick way without any stairs. 

Look at a few of the reasons why a bungalow home may be the best choice for you.

An Appealing Home for Seniors

Bungalows are a popular design for seniors who want to avoid climbing stairs. By design, this home has a large main floor allowing easy access to all its rooms. For instance, our Delano B design has its master bedroom at the back of the main floor while the two other bedrooms are located near the front of the home.

Why Buying a Bungalow Can Be The Best Choice for You Living Room ImageThere is a spacious bathroom for occupants off the master bedroom as well as a smaller bath serving those in the two other bedrooms. Cross the main floor of the Delano B and cook a delicious meal in the gourmet kitchen featuring an island where family members can gather for a chat. The great room is a comfortable area to relax and watch the fire crackle in the elegant gas fireplace. In many bungalows,  laundry hook-ups are on the main floor but some have it on the lower level. Keep this in mind when looking at plans if you have a preference!

Space for the Kids

If you have young children or teenagers, a bungalow is a perfect choice. Our Delano A design features a great room with plenty of space for gathering with friends to play video games, watch a movie or tackle some homework. The eating nook is an ideal place for kids to gather for breakfast or grab a quick snack after school.

For families with one child, the second bedroom can be turned into a playroom or a quiet place for a teenager to work on school projects. The Delano A design also offers the option of a covered rear deck. This is a fun place for young kids to play and parents to sit and enjoy the lovely view.

Privacy for the Family

A bungalow provides you with privacy from neighbours and others visiting the neighbourhood. Because everything is on one level, the surrounding space means you won’t be looking out the window right into your neighbour’s home as many homeowners put up fences around their property!

So, you can go out, visit with neighbours and friends for a while, and when you return home you can enjoy the private atmosphere in your cozy bungalow.

A Flexible Design

Many of our home designs including the Granville A, have an optional lower-level floor plan. This is an appealing option if you have young children, teenagers, or you want to have your own getaway nearby. This plan includes a recreation room, bedroom, bathroom, and storage area.

Ways to use the optional lower level:

  • Put up a pool table or ping pong table
  • Make it a mini-movie theatre with a big-screen television and comfortable chairs
  • Create a dedicated guest retreat 
  • Include a wet bar for large gatherings 

Enter the Home from the Garage

Do you want a home where you can get out of your car and enter your home without braving the elements? If so, give some serious consideration to a bungalow design. Our Bonneville A is just one of our home designs that allows you to get into your home while keeping covered. 

Our Bonneville A design, with its interior entrance from the garage makes it easy to safely unload valuable items from your car. For instance, after buying a costly piece of furniture, you don’t want to unload it in the rain to get it into your home. Our garage design takes the stress out of unloading furniture, sports equipment and other items when it’s raining or snowing outside.

A Family-Friendly Open Design

The Bonneville A is a perfect example of a home featuring rooms with an open design. You can be in the kitchen cooking a beautiful holiday meal while talking with your guests who are lounging in the dining room. Your family members can wander into the kitchen from the great room, grab a snack, and return to the great room to watch their favourite show on television.

Guests entering your home can stop in the foyer to hang up their coats in the closet, then take a short walk down the hall to the great room. College students in for a visit can enter your home and head straight to the nearby laundry room to start washing their first load of soiled clothes. A bungalow with an open design gives you easy access to every room.

An Attractive Home to Sell

If you ever decide to sell your bungalow, you won’t be surprised to learn buyers will find your home’s design just as desirable as you do. Of course, it’s single floor without stairs is appealing to seniors who don’t feel confident about going up and down a staircase.

Oftentimes, homebuyers who are middle-aged look for a bungalow home because they are thinking about the future. They want to live in a home that will accommodate their needs once they become senior citizens. 

Our Medina A design is a good example of an attractive home appealing to middle-aged buyers and seniors. From the garage, it’s a short, easy walk to the smaller bedrooms, bathroom, or kitchen. 

As you see, we have many attractive bungalow homes to consider. Once you move into a bungalow home, you’ll wonder how you ever lived anywhere else.

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