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Planning and building a home is an exciting time for any family. You get to start from scratch and create a home that exceeds your expectations. Consider ten reasons why building a home provides you with more value than moving into a home that’s been around for years.

1. A New Home with the Design You Want

When you build a new home, you’re in on the planning from day one. You get to determine the style, how many rooms you want as well as their location. You can show off your personality in your new home when you set the style standard. 

Do you want a bungalow-style home, or have you always dreamed of owning a two-storey? Do you want a home design offering appealing features such as a covered deck, a bonus room, a walk-through pantry or a mudroom? Maybe you’re looking for a home with an eating nook, a kitchen island, a den, or a fourth bedroom you can transform into a guest room. These are the fun, creative decisions you get to make when you build.

2. Increased Energy-Efficiency

One of the biggest values of building a new home is its energy-efficiency – it pays to go green! The HVAC system is modern and provides you with a comfortable atmosphere in your home year-round. Plus, the modern technology of your HVAC system means you have cleaner indoor air which is especially important if any family members suffer from asthma, allergies, or other respiratory conditions.

A new home has new windows, which means the warm air stays inside during the cold weather months just as the cool air stays inside during the warm weather months. The insulation provided by your new windows prevents the HVAC system from overworking and adding to your monthly utility bill. Sterling’s solar power options can help you lower your monthly energy bills even more. 

3. A Safer Home

Your newly constructed home will adhere to today’s safer building codes. The structure of the home itself, its electrical system and its plumbing will all be top-notch, so you don’t have to worry about replacing substandard features. You can also opt to include tech features for a smarter and safer home

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4. The Interior Décor is Dictated by You

Building a new home gives you the opportunity to begin decorating on a blank canvas! If you want pastel blue paint for the master bedroom walls and eggshell pink for the walls in the great room, that’s what you’ll get. You are in charge of making lighting choices and finding fabulous flooring for every room in your new home. If you have a theme or style in mind, you can make it a reality in your new home.

5. Creating a Landscape You Love

Not only do you get to plan the décor of your rooms, you get to create a landscape around your home. What sorts of trees, flowers, and bushes would you like to see outside your windows? If you’re lacking a green thumb, maybe you’re looking for low-maintenance landscaping. Planning your landscape is just another way to make a new house all your own.

6. Moving Into a Home with No History

Making the decision to build gives you and your family the chance to start the history of your home. You’ll be the first people to live, grow, celebrate, laugh, and enjoy the home as soon as its doors are open. You may even pass the home along to your children who will add to its history in their own way.

7. Enjoying Brand New Amenities

You’ll be the first to use the granite countertops, modern appliances, sinks, shower, bathtub and other features of your new home. Your cans of soup, boxes of crackers, bags of potatoes, bags of flour, and more will be the first to sit on the shelves in your spacious pantry! If you love knowing you’ll be the first to use everything in a home, then this will be one of the most valued aspects of building a new place.

8. Having a Home Warranty

With a new home, you aren’t starting with a structure that has endured wear and tear. New homes are built using high-quality materials for low maintenance living. So while you may never even have to use it, the new home warranty you receive when you build gives you peace of mind about maintaining your home for years to come. 

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<9. Choosing Your Lot/strong>

The opportunity to choose a lot for your new home is a big benefit. You may want to live on a corner where two streets meet. Or, maybe you want to build your home in a spot near an appealing group of trees. Building your home gives you a chance to figure out what sort of view you want from your master bedroom, great room, and other rooms in your home.

10. Enjoying a Young, Growing Neighbourhood

The next best thing to living in a newly built home is living in a friendly, growing neighbourhood. You’ll meet other families and individuals who are building their own homes nearby. New neighbourhoods are masterfully planned to include premium amenities you can take advantage of. 

Other benefits of living in a growing neighbourhood:

  • Young kids can create lasting relationships with kids who live near them.
  • Beautiful new homes going up in the area can increase the value of your home.
  • Businesses tend to open near flourishing neighbourhoods – again, increasing the monetary value of your property.

Finally, planning the layout of a home is something the whole family can participate in. Watching each stage of your home’s construction will be a fun experience for kids and adults alike.

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