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Many of our home models include bonus rooms that families can use in any way they might need. While some people have a very clear idea of what they want their bonus room to look like, others struggle coming up with a way to decorate the room in a cohesive way.

The right accessories for your bonus room will really depend a lot on how you plan to use the room, but we’ve come up with a few suggestions to make the room your own.
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Comfortable Seating

No matter what you’re planning to use the room for, comfortable seating is a must. For instance, if you’re planning a playroom, you’ll probably want some kid-sized tables and chairs or maybe a few bean bag chairs. Those who want to use the room as a second living room might want a super-comfy sofa.

Creating a home office? Splurge on a fancy ergonomic desk chair. Even those who are turning the room into an exercise room and won’t actually need a chair in the room might want to consider putting down some cushy rubber mats on the floor. You’ll probably spend at least a little bit of time sitting on the floor stretching, and these could make it more comfortable.


The artwork in your bonus room should fit the theme of the room. In many cases, a large piece to hang on the wall is the perfect fit, but others like to hang collections of smaller pieces. If you’re doing a collection, remember that things tend to look best when you use odd numbers.

As for the content of the pieces, it’s hard to go wrong by choosing some family photographs. Black and white photos give the space an elegant touch, but professionally done colour photos are also great. Alternatively, you might just choose something that you find inspiring. For some, this might be a painting in a particular style. Many people are also choosing to hang artwork with inspirational phrases, and that might be the right choice for you.
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Attractive Storage Options

As with any other room in the house, it’s important to put in some options for storage. Choose things that fit with the general look of the room. For instance, baskets are almost always a good choice for toys because it’s easy for kids to clean up their toys. You could also have shelving for books if you’re using the bonus room as a library area or some tidy-looking file holders for a home office.

Little Comforts

When it comes to decorating, bonus rooms rarely get the same amount of attention that other rooms get. Often, it’s because they’re set aside for family use, and you tend to focus on making the rooms that guests will see look great. However, it might be nice to add a few little comforts to this room. For instance, you could have some blankets set into a storage ottoman or a large basket set to the side of the room. This could be a good room for a massage chair, or you might put an essential oil diffuser to give out a nice smell. A variety of fun lighting could also do the trick. Anything you can do to make the space a bit more comfortable will be a nice touch.

Sleeping Space

If your family is already making use of all of the bedrooms in the home, you might want to design your bonus room in a way that allows it to double as a guest bedroom for when visitors spend the night. Futons, day beds, or folding sofas can work as comfortable seating options for everyday use while turning into a bed when needed. Alternatively, you could arrange furniture so that there’s an open space in the middle of the room, then use an air mattress for your guests. Modern versions are quite comfortable.


There’s nothing quite like setting a bit of mood music, whether you want music that will allow you to focus on your work or music that creates a fun atmosphere for a party. Don’t forget to include a way to play music in your bonus room. Many people are choosing a smart speaker device like Amazon Echo, though others just want some speakers that will hook up to a phone or MP3 player. If you’ll be using the bonus room to watch movies, you could include a surround sound system to make it even more exciting.

You’ll love having a bonus room in your new home, and the right accessories will take it to the next level. Think carefully about how you’ll use the room and how you can accessorize it in a way that makes sense.


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