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The wealth of colour choices available has stumped many a homeowner. With so many options, schemes, ideas and palettes to choose from, where do you start? Are you looking for eye-catching bursts of bright colour, minimalist white shades, or more of a moody, dark look? Decisions, decisions. 

Colour psychology is a method that’s made these choices easier for a lot of people. Many interior designers have started making it a point to use this approach as a way of helping homeowners make better selections that have a lasting and more personal appeal. 

An advantage that colour psychology offers is giving you a framework to work with that allows maximum focus for an ideal decor scheme. Working in a setting that provides a better framework helps you make better decisions about what you want, and help you avoid hastily-chosen colours that don’t work out in the long run. 

When you feel open to making much bolder choices, you’ll be more likely to choose designs and schemes that align with your instincts. You’ll not only enjoy your decor for much longer, but you’ll make a statement that appeals to everyone who spends any time in your home. 

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Finding Your Colour Personality

A concept that goes along with the colour theory promoted by experts is that colours and styles match personalities. Four personality types correspond with each of the four seasons, and each has unique colours and design elements to match. 


The traits most commonly associated with spring types include optimism, vibrancy, and energy. Colours that these types will appreciate the most have light and bright looks while offering a touch of warmth. 

Some of the design trends that match this personality commonly described as youthful and leaning towards cute include: 

  • Modern, welcoming style making the most of natural light
  • Prints with energetic looks that show off a lot of vibrancy
  • Furniture built with pale woods that pick up and bring out the light
  • Glass surfaces or metallic finishes, including painted metallic finishes
  • Use of bright colour in contrast with white or light grey backgrounds

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People with more of a summer personality show love for nature, with a style that shows reservation, elegance, and grace. Patterns tend to flow more naturally, with more subtle and muted colour choices. 

Design trends that go very nicely with this style include: 

  • Softer styles that add floaty, romantic airs
  • A little bit of formality that is not overwhelming
  • Symmetrical styles that complement the space as a whole
  • Distressed looks, including rustic designs
  • Colours you might see include beige, white, copper, grey

If you have more of an autumn personality, education and art likely rank high on your list of favourite things. Rich, deep colours that hint at strong connections to and love of nature and passion will work perfectly in your home. 

A few things that will go with your style include: 

  • Spaces that highlight sentimental items without making the space look cluttered
  • A relaxing, cozy and welcoming atmosphere that’s like a nice lounge
  • Decor that highlights your book collection while encouraging people to enjoy the space
  • Interesting colour choices include deep plum shades, peach, yellow, and light green for contrast

Winter personality types like to take everything to the limit, with a flair for the dramatic and a lot of self-confidence. Patterns with a lot of geometric designs work well with this style, with patterns often described using terms like bright, crisp, or sharp. 

This bold style would also work well with these elements: 

  • Designs that make a strong statement no matter what the patterns used
  • Furniture of a substantial size that fills the space nicely
  • Minimalist, modern designs that use more than one colour in unique ways
  • Colours that go well with this look include shades of grey, black, white, deep blues

When you’re planning your interior design elements, selecting what suits your colour personality will guarantee a style that never gets boring for you and will dazzle your guests. Happy decorating!

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