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A modern kitchen has beautiful countertops, a gleaming sink, attractive lighting, a refrigerator, stove, and dishwasher, along with small appliances. But, even with all of those features, your kitchen’s décor may not seem complete. One solution is to add some accessories to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on one of the most popular places in your home. Consider a few suggestions to get you started.

Unique Artwork

The walls of your kitchen are the perfect place for fun prints, photos, and other artwork – it can even become an eye-catching accent wall. One idea is to make a collage of family photos to hang on a prominent wall. Mix in black and white photos with colour pictures to make it even more interesting.

Another suggestion is to frame old recipes you love to make. Perhaps you have one from a great-grandmother that’s handwritten on a card. The best thing about this is the recipe is right there on the wall if you want to make it! The kitchen is a good place to pick artwork that feels sentimental. 

It's in the Details Accessories for Your Kitchen Succulents ImageHanging Plants

Many plants look right at home in a kitchen. Houseplants are available in many shades of green and a variety of textures to add more vitality to the space. Some low maintenance houseplants include:

  • Jade
  • Rabbit’s Ear
  • Pothos
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Philodendrons

Store Your Ingredients with Style

Display your sugar, flour, cinnamon sticks, pepper, and other dry ingredients in a stylish way. One idea is to find glass canisters in different shapes to place on a countertop. This lends to the décor and keeps your ingredients within arm’s reach.

Another idea is to get some old-fashioned ceramic containers for your dry ingredients. Find some in a colour that flows with the colour theme of your kitchen. The metal clamps or clasps on many ceramic containers are a really fun touch.

Attractive Window Coverings

No kitchen window is complete without a lovely set of window coverings. If the walls of your kitchen are decorated in a solid colour, get some curtains with an intricate pattern featuring lots of colours to jazz up the space. You can even hang two sets of curtains, one in a solid colour and the other with a pattern featuring the colour.

Hang Up Some Suncatchers

A suncatcher dangling in a kitchen window is hard to overlook. Try searching for a stained-glass suncatcher to reflect colours and patterns on your countertops and floor. Or, choose a clear sun catcher with a sweet animal or flower design. It may seem like a small touch, but catching a glimpse of the display on a sunny day can go a long way in making your home a happier place.

A Cup Tree or Mug Rack

A cup or mug tree is a useful accessory to have in your kitchen. Plus, they can be found in different styles to contribute interest to the décor. If you have a lot of ceramic coffee mugs, a copper mug tree would show them off to their best advantage.

It's in the Details: Accessories for Your Kitchen Stuff ImageIf you want to dress up a corner of your countertop, there’s a variety of creative ways you can hang your mugs on the wall. Displaying colourful cups and mugs could serve as a piece of artwork in your kitchen. Most importantly, it would be very easy to grab a cup whenever you want a drink.

A Fun Collection of Dish Cloths

A dishcloth in the kitchen is convenient for wiping your hands, drying dishes, or cleaning up a spill. They can also be bright accessories in your décor.

If you have a kitchen with light blue paint on the walls, go with a collection of navy blue or royal blue dishcloths to follow the theme. Or, create a contrast with the blue by choosing ivory, white or off-white dishcloths.

Another suggestion is to select dishcloths decorated with images relating to a kitchen. Dishcloths with images of copper pots, delicious cakes, or chefs’ hats on them are all cute ideas. These interesting dishcloths are sure to catch the eyes of your guests.

Display Your Utensils

Wooden spoons, metal whisks, wooden meat tenderizers, and ladles are all utensils likely to be in the drawers of your kitchen. Why not display them as part of the décor? Find a ceramic or glass pitcher and arrange your long-handled utensils in it.

You can also display the silverware you use on a daily basis. Find three decorative coffee mugs and put your spoons, forks and knives in them. This makes it extra easy to get the table set for meals each day.

New Cabinet Knobs or Handles

Sometimes just a little change to a kitchen can refresh the entire space. Replace the knobs or handles on your cabinets with new ones. If you have silver knobs, replace them with gold handles with an elegant design. One of the best things about replacing this practical accessory is it’s relatively easy to do.

Choosing a few accessories for your kitchen can make it more visually appealing and many of the accessories available serve a practical purpose. Any accessory can transform your kitchen into an inviting place to be; so when it comes to the heart of your home, choose ones that simply warm your heart.

Accessories can add a lot of life to your home, so why not consider how you can adorn every room in your home? Here are some ideas for accessories for your foyer and your great room.

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